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How to apply

In a bowl add ayurvedic mixture of water in the ratio of 30 – 40 ml per 10 g of powder depending on the size of the hair.

Dilute in water and form a thin paste and apply the mixture well from the beginning of the hair with a brush or hand.

Oily hair should be completely removed with shampoo before applying the mixture. If oily, the color will be difficult to hold in the hair and the color will be difficult to last for a long time.

Special care should be taken not to let the Ayurblack Natural Hair Care mixture get on the nails. It is possible to catch the color on the nails.

Therefore, it is better to use gloves. Wait for 15 minutes or until the hair is dry and then rinse the hair thoroughly. No need to put the mixture on the head for too long. Men should wash their chest hair within 5 – 1 0 minutes after coloring.


Ayurblack is a non – toxic Ayurvedic medicine for coloring hair in just in minutes, as per the Ayurvedic ruling with many other approvals from the government, including the AYUSH certificate. It is an acclaimed ayurvedic medicine for hair care used by millions of people in India and abroad. Not only does it color the hair but the proper use of this herb will change the hair loss and dandruff.

When using Ayurblack, Ayurblack is a natural gift that can be used on any skin, in any color, at any time, even during pregnancy, with no skin discoloration, no side effects, no loss of hours.

Things to look out for when coloring hair?

People with allergies should use it only after testing and confirming that there is no allergy. (Allergies are not just caused by chemicals, some natural ingredients can cause allergies in some people.)


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